Remembering the past, looking at pictures. Being temporarily transported in time to a place once forgotten. My Past. Never will I forget the path I took. Never will I feel the same as I did then. Some things were better, some worse. But all is different, in a new light.

I feel sorry, for the poor child that didn't know any better. I feel sorry for the teen who had yet to learn the essential values of life. I am the young man that you see before you. A part of me is in admiration of my younger selves. Life is easier when minds, and time, are simpler.

Remembering how special that first kiss from a girl was. Missing the walks with now ex girl-friends, thinking of times now past. All is lost and a new day is always near. Will I treasure these new days as much as the old, or will I look back wishing I was here and not there?

Live for the future, remember the past. Have fun right now because it'll be recorded in your mind for the rest of your life. A balance of mistakes and fun will determine your wealth later on. Whether your wealth be measured in money, friends, level of depression or sanity.

Life can never be the same after you've already experienced things for the first time. From here on life will only annoyingly repeat itself, in one way or another.

Kisses will never compare to your first. Sex will never be as exciting as it once was in the past. Seeing one of the world's greatest monuments for a second time won't be as amazing. After you've conquered an area of your life, it will blend into the past of your own existance.

What happens if you conquer all the areas you want to conquer? What happens when you've visited all the places you want to visit? What happens when you finish school and finally get the job you've always wanted?

I hope for strength, and courage. I hope for always keeping my mind open. I hope to never quit learning from my mistakes. I hope to never quit learning new things. And after I've exerienced the greater portion of life ....

I'll Be Hoping For New Experiences.