» 4.14.2007 - A Confusing New Love

Just when I got to the point where I was getting happy not having a girlfriend, I meet this girl, she is absolutely amazing. She's cute, sweet, fun, and a great sense of humor. There's only one problem, she's got a bxtch-ass boyfriend, who I think she should break up with. My friend, who is also her friend thinks the same. I try n keep myself from telling her she should, because I haven't known her long enough to say that.

We hang out, kiss, but that's it. And that's where it'll stay until she's not with him anymore. Although I'm not gonna wait around forever for her to break up with him. Its one of those situations where she's scared to leave him because they been together for so long. From what I hear, from both her and my friend. Her guy doesnt treat her very well.

I understand this puts me in the spot of the guy who's tryin to steal the boyfriends girl. But I really don't care. There are too many guys out there who 'love' their girlfriend but they dont treat them like they love them. Besides, this girl makes me happier than any girl I know right now. I'd say ever-known, but I think sometimes people forget how things used to be, after they've gone stale. But right now, as far as I'm conerned, she's the sweetest girl I've ever met.

She's so confused right now. Never did she think something like this would happen. Neither did I. I'm hoping she choosing me over him. As far as the nicer kinder guy I take the cake. But that doesnt take much with some of the guys that are out there.

This girl is too fresh to ignore. This girl is too fresh for me to not try and have a relationship with her. She's just stuck in a really bad spot with a really hard decision. But with that said, if she decides to not break up with him, then I'll have no choice then to stop seeing her, and stop hangin out with her. I mean i have to have some rules to myself about this.

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