» 10.1.2007 - Health Updates

It's about 11:10pm right now. Figured I'd write a second entry. I saw my cardiologist today, and he actually wasn't an asshole today. He was very nice, asked me questions, seemed a little lightened up. I don't know if somebody said somethin to him, or he's just havin a good day.

He listened to my heart today, he says it sounds better. He also said last time it looked a lil better. (i figure he prolly doesnt wanna say so right away, gettin ahead of himself). But he seemed as if I have a chance now, which is good. That doesnt mean that the heart transplant isn't in my future. My hearts healing can stop at any level. And if it doesnt get to that level thats liveable, i'd still have to get a transplant. So basically I'm still where I was before, but now theres a glimmer of light at the end of my tunnel of troubles.

Its not that I hate the guy, I just have a hard time getting along with people who don't want to talk to or cares about the inside of me. I was tellin people at work that I couldn't carry ice cuz of my heart. Couple people were like "but excersize strengthens your heart" and i'm like "um ... this is different" .... yeh .... well I asked my doctor, and he says no more than 5-10 pounds. And I'll get a fuckin doctors note if I have to. I'm sick of people actin like they know more about my condition than me. BITTTTCCHIIZZZ!!!

So anyways, thats about all the updates for now. If my progress is good in the next month, in november I will be starting rehab, walking ... light excersizes, etc. And then at that point, he wants me to lose some weight. Which I'm ok with, because I wanna try and lose some weight. Its gonna be hard, because I'm picky.

And in 2 months I'll be getting another EchoCardioGram, that looks at the inside of my heart and determines how well my heart is working. 2 weeks after that is my next appointment with him. Until then I'll have a couple appointments with Laura.

Only other thing is this month I gotta get blood drawn, then have a Cat Scan to check my lungs out and make sure the nodules they found aren't getting any bigger, or changing. Just to keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't turn into anything serious.

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