» 10.12.2007 - Pretty Good Last Couple Days

So the other day I hung out with Mandi for the first time in a long time. Her and I haven't really hung out much since I think before I went from 60 hours to 70 hours a week. It was fun. I hung out with Mandi, Josh, Angie and her friend Amanda. We just went to Perkins, got some food n stuff, then went back to Amandas house n chilled for a while.

I guess Amanda's havin a party Tomorrow night (saturday), and her and Angie said I should come over. I think I might, give me a chance to maybe meet some new people. Idunno. But yeh that night was pretty fun. I dont really get out much anymore.

Then Mandi n I went to go see Resident Evil Extinction. I've already saw it, but I wanted to see it again. Its a pretty fresh movie. And Milla Jovovich is friggin HOTT. We went outside n this big ass fuckin rock had fallen from the grass to the parking lot. They musta had the whole crew out there tryin to get it back up onto the grass.

We went to Dennys after that, and Mandi said our waitress is Chad's ex girlfriend, and she was friggin givin Mandi nasty stares when she walked in. And was kind of a bitch the whole fuckin time we were there. Took her like 15-20 minutes just to take our order.

Idunno, when I hang out with Mandi, or Mandi n josh, theres no drama, nobody is really bitching about anything, we're just out having fun. I like it like that. Seems like when you get too many people together, somebody is always upset at somebody, and theres all this damn drama. Its because of drama I dun really like leaving the house anymore. Maybe thats why I've always liked hanging out with just one person rather than a group of people. Because you know that if you're hanging out with just one person that there probably isn't going to be any drama. I hate drama.

So anyways, Idunno what else to say. I'm hangin out Mandi, Nina and Mariah later on together after I eat supper. Haven't hung out with them in forever either. Its been a while. So hopefully thats fun, if not, I have tomorrow off and I can stay up as late as i fuckin want to, yay for weekends.

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