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To All My Friends - From Inside My Heart
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A Quick Introduction |: Friends are put into alphabetical order so theres no questions on why somebody is on top, or is at the bottom. Also. I haven't listed all my friends, because friends come in and out of my life. These are mostly people that take the time to hang out with me, or mean sometime to me in a special way, or take the time to help me out. If you're not on here, don't be upset. If you love me, I love you.

Danny |: He's been my homie for years. I hope that a big fight never comes between us, because he's one of the only male friends I have that actually seem to genuinly care about what I'm going through. I hope our friendship stays strong.

He's a good listener, even though we have our few and inbetween fights, spats, whatever you wanna call them. We were roomates for nearly a year and a half until I got heart problems and started living with Bod again. If I had it my way I'd still be living with him, but its not in the cards. It's gonna suck, all the fun times in that house. And I won't be a part of it anymore. (even though it won't be that house, cuz they're not resigning the lease).

Love you man.

Josh |: You've always been pimp shit. Since day one when I found out you loved zombie movies, I was like "hell yeh its ok that Josh moves in". Next summer hopefully we'll be cruisin University. Remember those days. Its too cold out now. lol.

Good luck to you.

Mandi |: We were always good friends since we met. But lately since she lives right down the road from me now, we've really been becoming good friends. Her mom and gramma love the hell out of me. I feel weird just walking into her house when I come over.

She's got a good heart. She truly cares. Its nice havin somebody to just chill with solo, not have to have anybody else with to make the time interesting. We go shoot pool, or walk around random stores. Or just cruise around listenin to music. She's also one of the few people I openly sing along with songs in the car, without even worrying about it.

Love you Mandi

Pixie |: We've been homies online for years upon years. You have got to be one of the freshest girls / juggalettes I've known. I pray for the days to go by faster until we actually get to hang out. You've been there for me a lot of times. I only hope I was there everytime you needed me. Thanks for all the fun chats over the years. All the love you've ever sent me. Thanks for being there for me. Always.

I absolutely love you homie!

Shlee |: She seems to be the one person to actually call me or get in contact with me to hang out. I usually have to be the one to ask somebody to hang out. Which makes me believe that she actually gives a shit about my friendship.

We usually just chill and go to a movie or something. She's also the only ex that I got along with right after dating without having to really work at it. Really the only ex that I'm 'really' friends with. All my other ex's I think just have issues with staying out of contact with certain people. I don't think any of the others actually respect me as a person. I'm a better person than they think I am. So I really appreciate her friendship.

Hit me up anytime Shlee.

I wish you all the happiness in the world. You deserve it.

Alicia|: Not only are you my girlfriend, you are my friend. You have more in common with me than most people I meet. What guy wouldnt LOVE to be with a girl who loves video games and zombie flicks? You absolutely rock my jock strap, if I had one.

Brian|: You're fresh as hell. I like the way you think, i like that you're a real person, with real problems. Not a fake person, with problems you're trying to hide under a blanket of unrealistic perfectionism. You're a good person, its your best quality. I'm glad we met.

Chad|: I dont really think we are where we were at during earlier times, but you're still my homie, you're still fresh as hell, and I still show up for your bday, cuz you're my homie. You ever need help with anything, I got you. And thanks for the hug at the tj xmas party, i know it brings back painful memories of me in my briefs ... with that said ... stop grabbing my nuts!

Colin|: We don't hang out much, but you're still cool shit in my book. Thanks for introducing me to something i had never known about. Oh and thanks for introducing me to killswitch engage, too.

Matt S|: You're not my friend, you're a faggot (not to be confused with homosexuals), you like poopy dick in your mouth, you take it in the ass, you stole bout 1000 dollars worth of my dvds, on top of that you owe me 150 bucks. Nobody likes you, you can't keep friends, you don't ever give anything back, you have nothing to offer anybody. You're a waste of space, you'd be better off dead, least you'd be feeding the plants n trees n shit. Everybody that meets you thinks you're a fake ass douche bag, even the people you think are friends, aren't your friends. And karma is gonna catch up to you some day. Stealin shit from a guy who has fuckin heart problems, why don't you stick to stealin candy from lil kids n shit. You're so weak. You fake ass juggalo. Only juggalo cds you own are ones you fuckin stole from other juggalos. I hope you get a hatchet-man tat so other juggalos'll see it n beat the shit out of you.

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