» Hatchet Pride

We will never die alone. Juggalos will carry on. Swing our hatchets if we must. Each and every one of us.


I missed a couple people in the image up there. Off the top of my head its Myzery & Project Born. I couldn't find a good pic of project born, and i dun really care if Myzery is in the pic. And Marz was never signed to psychopathic.


The reason I still put ex-psychopathic homies in the banner is because I still listen to them, they were a part of the Hatchet, and will always 'have been' part of the Hatchet. Most of us wouldn'teven know who they are if it wasn't because of the Hatchet. Never underestimate the power of the Hatchet.

I have mad Hatchet Pride. If I'm not wearin a shirt, I'm wearin the charm, or cruisin round in my car. But Hatchet Pride isnt just about putting stickers on your car and wearin the shirts, its about "that feeling you get, when bumping our shit". The shirt n the chain are just reflections of whats on the inside. I don't see myself as better than 'normal' people. Its just what keeps my soul intact. If it weren't for the Hatchet, I'd probably be dead. And I mean that.

Yellow Bus by Insane Clown Posse
<Video Made by a Juggalo>

There are many people influenced by the Hatchet, surrounding the Hatchet, and a part of the Hatchet than listed above. Rudy, Mike E Clark, Tech N9ne, Kmk, so on and so forth. I think a lot of artists, if they don't necessarily like the Hatchet, some of them can respect it. How can you not?

A band, a group of artists, with such a dedicated following of people? And I'm not talkin about all those Juggalos who never were. Those ninjas who thought they were down til they turn in their CARD. Flip the script and covered their tats in embarrassment. This is a part of me, how would I begin to strip this from my soul, for the rest of my life?

I ran a Juggalo website for awhile, called ClownicusJuggamus.net. Its actually still up, I just haven't worked on it in ages. I wanna reopen it, but not without help of some of my Juggalos round here. I just don't have time to set that up right now, nor do the people in mind that I want to help with the site. Its been hard enough tryin to get everything in this site arranged to put up.

I love being a Juggalo. I love being a part of something bigger. I love knowing that I always belong to a portion of this world, when the other portion of the world doesn't want me. I like having something to look forward to in life, a new concert, a new cd, a new artist, new music, new Juggalos, new news, new stories, new websites.

Theres nothing I can really say to make 'normal' people understand. I don't think theres anyway to describe it unless you've been into it. So many people I've met that didn't really listen to juggalo music before, but they're exposed to it (basically for the very first time) and they absolutely fall in in love with it. They finally see what everybody else sees. Its not that they never heard it before, its because they never LISTENED to it before. They didnt listen to the words, they didnt see the feeling and emotion behind that Juggalo feeling.

Call me obsessed, I don't care. Maybe I am. But what are YOU doing in YOUR life, in YOUR freetime, thats anymore important (unless you're saving lives n stuff, I aint gonna say shxt against that, thats fresh).

To all my Juggalos:
— Much Clown Love! —

To all my other Friends:
— I Love You Just As Much! —

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