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I like tattoos, and I like piercings. Even if it means I can't afford them. I've wanted a couple of tats since I got my last in 2006, but haven't had the money. As far as piercings, I'm kind of picky, definitly like tats a lot more.

Wicked Care Bear |: This was my first tattoo. Actually there was another version but the guy totally shredded my skin, the whole friggin thing scabbed over, and there were big spots of color loss. This guy Joe re-inked the whole thing and added the flames, for free.

Hatchet & Homies |: I got this tattoo with my friend Shalee. She came up here, and we met for the first time. Had been really good online friends for like 5 years. So we decided to write it in INK. I dont regret any of my tattoos, they're the history of me. Its a memory of that great ass summer.

Smeg Head |: My tribute to one of my favorite tv shows, Red Dwarf. It basically means I'm a big fan of the tv show. If you haven't ever seen it, I suggest you try and look it up, or download it. If you like it, buy it.

Clown Love |: My dedication as a Juggalo. I don't consider it proof, I consider it showing my respect for myself as a Juggalo, and to other Juggalos. People ask me if they hurt, and they didnt, they healed fast.

Zero Guage |: When I was in highschool I never wanted to stretch my piercings, and I'm still not into them being too big. I'm pretty much stayin at a zero, maybe a double zero some day. My right ear is a 2 ... been too lazy the past two years to stretch it up, lol. Yeh ... lazyiness. But people dont even notice.

Double Eyebrow |: For years I had pondered whether I should pierce my eyebrow or not. When I started at Taco John's couple people had em, and I was itchin for a new piercing. I didnt want to have the one like everybody else has, so I got the two pierced at the same time. Sooner or later, the left eye brow also.

Future Tattoos |: Full back hatchet-man with a collage on the inside. I wanna get a Killswitch Engage Skull on my somewhere. Forever & Always (favorite song) tattoo'd on the top of my back. A broken heart thats all wrecked lookin with broken on it tattoo'd on my left calf. A second beautiful heart that says mended tattoo'd on my right calf. On my inside wrists I want two Japanese symbols one meaning hope, the other meaning strength. I also, maybe, might get 2 full sleeves, the right one being completely dedicated to icp, the carnival, & related, etc etc. Thats not for sure though. Thats way way down the road. On my left forearm I wanna get psychological tattoo'd and on the right forearm psychopathic.

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