» Anger, Agression, & Tempers

I used to have a really big temper. I think sometimes its an inheritated trait, because my dad had a temper growing up. I didnt see much of my dad when I was little, and definitly didn't see much of him after my mom got a divorce. Other than that. I didn't really have any male figures in my life to take after

Back in highschool I'd throw tantrums and throw shit. Items such as alarm clocks, tv remotes, etc. Anything I could find to throw. I used to punch walls too. We had like 4 marks/holes in our walls when my mom finally moved out of that apartment.

One time I hit our entertainment center, and fucked up my knuckle, i didnt need surgery or a cast, but I could feel shit movin aroundin there. The knuckle is fine now. After that little experience I didnt punch things anymore. I think I realized I had to get my shit under control. I cant say I haven't punched inanimate objects since, but I just dont really do that anymore. Having a temper is stupid, it doesnt do anything except piss people off. I realized being more passive, but also talking shit out calmly is a better solution. That way, when you do get mad, people realize you're being serious, and not over-reacting.

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