» Cheating

I don't think theres every any real good excuse for cheating. Some people feel its ok if they've already found out they've fell out of the person they're with, but if thats the case they should have been broken up with them long before that.

Sometimes people make mistakes, its human nature to 'fuck up'. I made a mistake once of more or less making out, getting a lil touchy feeling with somebody else while I was dating somebody I loved. I can tell you I felt like a complete schmuck. I've never made this public before (btw) because I never wanted it to hurt my "good person" aura I have about me. But I've come to the conclusion that I'm human, I can't expect to be Jesus.

I felt really bad about it, at first I told my friend to never say anything to the person I cheated on, and he agreed with me. He knew i felt bad and just fucked up, he said he'd never do anything like that, but he still had my back. But instead of hiding it, I told them as soon as I seen them next. I even woke them up. It had already started eating away at my soul. I couldnt stand being such a shitty person.

I apologized so many times, because I knew there was no way to apologize, but when you feel so terrible and shitty, you wanna try your best to tell them you really MEAN sorry, and not just saying it. I wasnt saying it in fear of breaking up or anything like that, I knew I wouldnt get a good response from them, I told this person because I truly felt like a complete shit head, and because honesty is really the only way, especially when it comes to relationships, ESPECIALLY.

I would never cheat again, it was one of those first time experiences that pop up and you act irrationally because you've never been confronted with it before. I think I believe in karma now because I had somebody cheat on me. I guess it was bound to come back at me at some point in life. I was young, and stupid. Theres no excuse for it cept that.

The person who is being cheated on deserves to know the truth, deserves to know exactly what is going on in your head, deserves to know every last thought you have. If you don't give them that, you don't truly care about them. And I truly did love this girl.

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