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I can say that drugs are fun. But they're like every other thing in life, if you do it too much, its bad for you. Whether that means health or that means fucking up so bad in life that all events later are hard to cope with.

Drugs can lead you to a place where you no longer strive for anything in life. Thats not a summary or a stereo type of drug users. I know a guy who quite almost everything or slowed down to where he could afford to go to school. Like two years later he's working with mental patiends making some ungodly amount of money.

I just think people take it to far. I'll smoke once in a while, drink once in a while. I'd prolly be partying a whole hell of a lot more if I didnt work so much. But its like, I've met people who told me when they were younger they had dreams to become something. But now, its all they do is get high, or get wasted. I don't understand it.

I have dreams, I made the mistake of last summer maxing all my credit cards out, and now I'm paying for it. So before I can even try and think about accomplishing my dream of becoming a webmaster, also a degree in graphix design, I have to pay all these bills off and get myself in a stable spot. It sucks.

If I was smokin as much as some of the people around me do, for one i prolly wouldnt wanna do anything cept spend all my money on munchies, and prolly wouldnt be thinkin bout or have money to go to school with.

I understand though why a lot of band members and actors get big into drugs. Cuz you can afford to do it, and you don't have to worry bout goin to work and having all your fellow employees know you use drugs. Hell, If i made it big in music, I'd prolly be drinkin and partying a lot more. Cuz you have more freetime. You control your own schedule.

So as a final note to this page. Use drugs, use them a lot, but not if you ever dream of becoming a doctor, or some sort of profession that can really be fucked up if you're fucked up.

Thats all on that subject.

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