» Forgiveness

It is one of the key factors for the world to be a better place. If you can't forgive somebody, you're contributing a big portion to why the world will never be a better place. It doesnt mean that just because somebody says sorry, that you have to forgive them. It just means that you have to keep an open spot in your heart for REAL apologies.

I've had a couple nasty fights with my friends. They've had some nasty words with me. To the point where I really didnt want to be their friend anymore. But they came up to me, apologized greatly, to the point where you could TELL that they were being sincere, and you know what, I forgave them.

Grudges, feuds, etc ... sometimes you can't avoid them. I still have a grudge against some people back in highschool. Its because the shit they did to me, the way they handled shit, really fuckin hurt me. And even though its forgiveable ... I wouldn't forgive them unless they actually came up to me, and decided to apologize. And I'll prolly take it to my grave. I don't think they are worth forgiveness without apology.

But whenever, and wherever a forgiveness may be possible, I suggest you take the chance to say "it's ok" because we ALL fuck up every once in a while. Its human nature. We can't expect to be perfect. Even the most kind hearted people have their bad days.


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