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LOVE • It's different for everybody, obviously. The reason love exists is because of man's yearning to not be alone. Finding somebody you desire to be with for as long as possible. With whom you can share experiences, and reminisce about the past with.

It isnt the answer to anybody's problems. Love doesnt magically make everything better. You don't meet one person and its that one person you're meant to be with, and then everything is happy ever-after. no. It doesnt quite work like that.

To keep love alive, to be able to keep getting along with the person you're with, it takes work, and change. If your partner is not open to change, you better hope you picked a partner thats a pretty good fit from the start.

The reason for this, is change. Everybody changes. Whether its because they want to, or because rash experiences in life made them change. If you get burned by a girl-friend you may no longer so blindly step into love. In fact you might be afraid of it, afraid of committment, afraid of all the unexpected events that might occur from dating somebody new.

Love at first sight. I believe this to be true. You meet somebody who isnt just attractive on the outside, but theres something about them that makes you go nuts. Maybe its the tone of their voice, how they present themselves. At the same time, they feel exactly the same about you.

This isnt magical, its coincidence. The chances you'll walk up to somebody and start a brother like friendship, or a long loving relationship, are slim. But once in a while you come across somebody who shares enough of a common bond to have a connection with.

I've been in love a handful of times, and I'm only in my 20s. I've found out that people either slowly fall away, or they realize you're not what they want. People have so many things going on in their life, they dont really know what they want. Some people don't want to settle for somene who isnt up to their stardards. During the relationship, standards might rise. If the second person cant meet those standards, the first person has a void to fill that cannot be filled.

In that case, the couple either makes a decision to comprimise, or break off the relationship. If neither can talk about it in a rational and adult fashion, it escalates to a fight. If fights happen often enough, love breaks away, and you start to feel alone again.

Some people stay with the person no matter what, because maybe you're always fighting, but at least you're not alone. In that case, it takes a wake-up call, or a big event to finally push the person over the edge.

People dont like being yelled at, lowered to scum level, by somebody elses words. Even if they DO deserve it. There are defense mechinisms in the mind that are set off when a person feels threatened.

Everybody gets mad, everybody has their way of overstating their opinion in order for the other person to hear. Keep in mind, nobody is perfect. But the most important thing for a couple to do in a relationship is try and keep calm during discussions. People pick up on the tone in a persons voice, eye movements, slight facial expressions, and body posture. People aren't stupid, from the time of birth a human is conditioned to read these signs.

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