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Peace & War • I think peace is a rational possibility, but I think its something we're going to have to comprimise on. Think about it. How many of us can get along with that annoying person at work? That one person you don't agree with. What if you couldnt communicate with them? It would be hard to smooth things out, right?

I've always thought there needs to be an international language. Not english, not german, something else. Something that everybody has to learn. Maybe a form of sign language. I dont really know, all I know is, if you are unable to communicate with another person, nothing will ever get resolved.

As far as 'is going to war ok?' well I can't really say too much about that. I'm not the federal government, I don't 'really' know what is 'truly' going on. Neither do most of us. Just what trickles down from the news, or our government. Who knows what parts are true, and what parts aren't.

You HAVE to keep in mind, that when its two countries fighting, that country too thinks they are right. When you have two people that think they are right, and nobody will back down, what happens? Nothing peaceful. It's always a fight. If you go into a war thinking "i'm right, they're wrong, they are going to pay" get ready for a blood bath.

You have to take the time to think of what the other person is going through, what they are thinking. Why they are opposing a peaceful resolution. There has to be a reason. Other countries hate us, why? There has to be a reason, or they wouldnt feel so strongly about what they believe.

Until we all get a common relationship, a common bond, a common goal. World peace will never happen. And we'll have to comprimise, because we can't even get along within our own nation. And never will. Because its human nature to fight. We can't even get along with all of our neighbors, on our own street, in our own town. How could anybody expect it to happen on a world-wide scale.

When people are kept within certain boundries, they attain some of the same traits and beliefs. The longer two areas of land are seperated, the more different the traits between the two. And when two people have two different outlooks on life, its that much harder to comprimise on a subject.

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