» Perfection

I'm a great guy, its not me being full of myself its just how it is. I pride myself on trying to do the right thing. I make mistakes too. But these days, after some very hard learning life lessons, I try and learn from my mistakes.

Perfection isnt a goal, it is a dream.
It isnt anything, that you can ever achieve.

With that said, I've always wished I was perfect. And there isnt any way to be totally perfect. Because at some point, when you're too perfect, you act like you're better than everybody, and that in itself defies perfection. A lot of people think of perfection as being better than somebody else, but it really isnt.

I guess its kind of hard to explain. I guess realistic perfection is "be the best you can be." Thats the basics of it. Be nice to people, but don't get walked on. If you were perfect at being nice to people, you still wouldn't be perfect, because you'd have everybody walking all over you. Be a really hard worker (lol, which i aint, wish i was, but aint) but don't be rude to people who aren't as hard of a worker as you.

Thats why perfection is a goal and not a dream. Ya should strive to be the best you can be, but you'll never reach it. It's like running in a circle, you'll never get to the end of the circle. The human mind isnt meant for perfection anyways. A lil thing called emotion gets into the pay. Trying to stay calm all the time, not yell when you get mad. It's just not possible. People get pushed to the edge of their emotional limits, and the boundries and rules you once set, are no longer valid, because you're in a different state of mind.

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