» 8.4.2007 - Another Update

Emotionally tired of dealing with the stress of trusting girls, mentally tired only in the fact that I can sometimes feel fat unattractive and unwanted, and physically tired because I work so much. The only real thing getting me through life right now, is working on paying my bills. It excites me to know that I'm paying my bills on time, having a little bit of extra cash, and being able to pay off all the money I owe. Its a lil depression if I look at it from the other side ... so far to go ... working so much ... no free time ... no life ... but truthfully I don't try and look at it like that anymore. I'm proud of myself.

I don't really have any other updates other than that. I don't have much freetime to really have any great stories or anything to share. I'm getting a new tattoo hopefully when I take 5 days off from pig, and cut my hours at taco john's to 3 a day (for 5 days). Hopefully itll give me time to actually upload this website. I have a lot of work to do on it before I wanna upload it. Oh yeh, back to the tattoo, I don't really know what I'm getting yet. I should probably figure that out, right?

I wish life was easier, this year has been so shitty for me, I'm alive though. And making through it just fine. You could almost say I'm unstoppable. I'm like a juggernaut. I get through whatever life throws at me. Not to say I want any more thrown at me, because pain is really not something I enjoy. I hope life gets smoother from here on.

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