» 10.14.2007 - Party & Juggalos

Party was kind of weak, I mean, it was a party, I didn't know many people there, but it was fun chillin with Angie again. Mandi went with me just in case I needed a reason to leave, I suck at leaving sometimes. She's like "are you hungry? Cuz we should go to Denny's" I'm like, naw, but we can, thats cool.

So we go to Denny's and we get the same bitchy waitress. We were waiting for our food (yeh i got some food, lol) and I look over at this booth full of people, and theres a fuggin Juggalo wearin a wraith shirt, so he looks over, and I'm like, what up Juggalo? And he's like, I'm just lookin at your shirt, its pretty fresh. And I showed him my hatchet charm (cuz it was a kottonmouth kings shirt). Later as he was leavin, he's like, yeh I didn't notice your chain til just now, and I was like "oh thats what he was tryin to show me."

Dude was pretty fresh, Sam, from Alabama. I guess they all took a trip up here to visit some dudes mom. The other girl, Shelly, she was fresh as hell too, she's a Juggalette. Seems like she's MAD down for the clown, freshness. She was cute. lol. And I gave her a hug before we left =) lol. I had to. I mean, you know, show that clown luv and all that.

So yeh, by the time I droped Mandi off it was nearly 2am, its like 2:12 right now. Its fuggin late as hell I should be gettin to bed.

Sam and I switched numbers and myspaces. Hopefully whoever else will add me too. I figured maybe if we were at the gathering we could meet up again. Thats the fresh thing about the gathering. I miss meeting Juggalos like that, that was fresh as hell.

I was so fuckin geeked that we meet these fresh ass juggalos, we musta talked to em for like 45 minutes.

Anyways, thats all. Gonna take some sort of pic for the page, then i'm OUT.

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