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It has saved my soul time and time again. Back in highschool when I didn't have any friends left, there was ICP. It gave me something to do. It took my mind away from reality. Gave me respect for myself. Gave me the ability to stand up for myself. Take pride in who I am, and to defend who I am.

Even before that, in middle school, when I didnt have any friends to begin with, I'd listen to Silverchair non-stop. It made me realize that there are other people out there, who are just as depressed as I am. Made me realize that I am not alone. It touched those feelings inside me that I might have not known were there. Maybe I would be unable to recognize them. Who knows.

Icp made me feel like I was a part of something. That even if I didnt have any friends, I had a group of people who would recognize me as a part of something. And thats not the reason I listen to ICP, its just an extra. Its part of my soul, its who I am, its what I live for. I might have offed myself a long time ago if it weren't for that genre of music.

Later, years after getting out of highschool I was introduced to Killswitch Engage. Now ... I used to listen to rock and metal in highschool, but after highschool, all I listened to was underground horrorcore, death rap, etc. Maybe some bloodhound gang, msi, etc mixed in... but relatively mostly rap. Killswitch touched on those dark depressing emotions just like Silverchair did back in the day.

When I'd get super fuckin depressed I'd listen to killswitch, and some songs feel like they're tugging on my emotional strings. A couple of the songs make my arm hair stand on end, still, to this day, the same songs, make my hair stand on end. Its crazy.

Music. Inside or Out. I'd be dead without it.

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